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Teacher Talking Time Podcast: Special Mental Health Awareness Episode Released

October 10 is World Mental Health Awareness Day. To help further the dialogue, the LYE podcast - Teacher Talking Time - has organized a special episode aimed at helping all involved in education - mainly educators - how to navigate issues of mental health in our classroom. This episode was conceived from Mike, Leo, and Andrew’s own struggles in knowing how to address - or not address - examples of mental health in their own classrooms. The approaches can be murky and the rules grey, especially in second language classrooms where many other variables are at play.

As such, we’ve interviewed mental health experts, social workers, international students in Canada, and the developer of an APP aimed at helping second language speakers handle PTSD.

This episode is a serious and often dark one, but, we feel, also one that is necessary and will serve to help many in the field. We thank all the contributors who have generously contributed their time to this special episode. Please look out for it on October 10 and help to create dialogue about mental health and end the stigma.

On Teacher Talking Time, the Learn YOUR English Podcast, Leo, Mike, and Andrew bring you discussions, interviews, and debates on English language training and learning. From approaches, misconceptions, and successful and failed case studies, each episode is dedicated to their vision: continual growth. They interview teachers and learners from around the world, and also debate the merits of common teaching approaches.

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