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Teacher Talking Time Podcast: New Episode Released

October 5 is Teacher Appreciation Day in Canada, and in over 100 countries globally. To help celebrate teachers, the LYE podcast - Teacher Talking Time - has organized a special two-part series called “Why did you become a teacher?” We’ve interviewed six teachers from different contexts to hear their stories, and celebrate the stories of all teachers around the world.

Part 1 will be released on October 5, with part 2 being released on October 26. Look out for these special episodes of the podcast!

On Teacher Talking Time, the Learn YOUR English Podcast, Leo, Mike, and Andrew bring you discussions, interviews, and debates on English language training and learning. From approaches, misconceptions, and successful and failed case studies, each episode is dedicated to their vision: continual growth. They interview teachers and learners from around the world, and also debate the merits of common teaching approaches.

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