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Teacher Talking Time 05: Soundscripting - a Tool for Better Speaking & Pronunciation

  • Language Studies Interational 1055 Yonge St #210 Toronto Canada (map)

*For TESL Ontario members, this workshop contributes towards 1.5 hours of PD.

Soundscripting is a technique inspired by teleprompters or Autocue, which allows presenters to read a script while maintaining direct eye contact with the audience. Because the speaker does not look down to check written notes, he or she appears to be speaking spontaneously.

This technique does not require any technological tools apart from a Microsoft Word doc and even that isn’t really a requirement.

Soundscripting is easy to be implemented and helps learners improve their fluency, accuracy, and pronunciation by focusing on lexis and prosodic features i.e.  suprasegmental elements, such as chunking, length, stress, tone, and intonation.

This tool is particularly useful for students who are not familiar with the notion of intonation for conveying importance and lengthening of words.

This session will look at what Soundscripting is, its advantages, and walk participants through the steps before discussing its implementation in the classroom.

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About Teacher Talking Time:

Teacher Talking Time is Learn YOUR English's teacher education series. We host 8-10 informal events annually with the aim of developing a community of teachers who love to learn and develop together. Our vision at LYE is to change how professional development is conducted in our industry, and this is one of the ways we hope to achieve that. Each session it three-pronged: theory, activities, and design/application.