Education is the key to everything: a person should be so deep in study that he forgets to eat, so full of joy in learning he ignores all practical worries, and so busy acquiring knowledge he doesn’t notice old age coming.
— Confucius

Online Writing Support

Learn YOUR English Online writing support

Have an assignment or job application finished, but not sure if it’s as good as it could be? Not looking for a tutor and just need some simple pointers?

We can help.

Our Online Writing Support is designed just for you. Writing is a process, and the second, third, and fourth drafts start to look the same after a while. We not only offer fresh eyes, but professional feedback based on over 40 years of instruction experience.

Don’t have time for more classes? Don’t worry. These are not classes. Once submitted, your assignment will be returned to you within 48 hours, with recorded audio and written feedback.

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the support we provide

Academic writing support

  • Essays and Term Papers

  • Reports

  • Presentations

  • IELTS writing

  • Course Assignments

    *The above includes all years of undergraduate and post-graduate study

professional writing support

  • Resumes/CVs and Cover Letters

  • Professional Emails

  • Business Letters