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It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.
— John Wooden
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Teacher Education

For Teachers

We understand both your desire to learn but also the limited time to do it. We work with you to make it as seamless as possible.

Learn YOUR English provides a comprehensive list of teacher education workshops and courses to help today’s ELT professional thrive in their teaching context. Regardless of where you are on the professional development spectrum, we can provide you with innovative ways to approach and consider your lessons.

Our catalog affords you with the opportunity to customize your professional education programs. We offer short workshops and more intensive 1 and 2-week course options.

Most of our teacher education programs can be delivered online or at your learning centre by a member of our team. We don’t believe in a teacher-centred approach to workshops. We also understand that everyone’s teaching context is different. Therefore, all of our sessions are divided into:

  • Theory

  • Activities to use

  • Time to design your own material in your own teaching context

for institutions

We know all to well the constraints involved in providing continuous, valuable professional development in-house. Learn YOUR English removes the stress of planning while helping you to offer high-quality, beneficial teacher education workshops to your teaching staff.

All the required materials are included in the training. We offer one-off and packaged workshop options. Our team will conduct a needs assessment with you to learn about how we can best serve your teaching team.

Regardless of need, our workshops incorporate theory, activities, and design time.

While we can customize any session to best fit your needs, some of our most popular sessions and courses include:

  • Language Awareness

  • Grammar for Teachers

  • Soundscripting

  • Text-based Teaching: A Different Approach to Writing

For a comprehensive list of our workshops and presentations, see our Materials Page.


Online Course Catalog


Whether you are interested in one course or our entire catalog, you can learn at your own pace and on your schedule. Our courses are designed for teachers and students looking to strengthen their skills, knowledge, and confidence. They are hosted on Thinkific and are accompanied with tasks, homework, downloadable materials, and interactive videos.

These courses are made with our vision in mind: continuous learning. As such, you can work at your own pace, and check in with our team whenever you like. The reflective tasks and discussion boards allow you to interact with and learn from others in the course.

Here are some of the available courses:


If you are a school or institute looking to provide your teachings staff with high-quality opportunities to learn and develop on their own time, our online course catalog is for you. Subscribe on a 3-month, bi-annual, or annual basis and provide your instiute with professional development that doesn’t stop.

All of our courses are hosted on Thinkific and include tasks, homework, reflection, downloadable materials, and interactive videos.

Our team can also conduct follow up on site or online.

Here are some of the available courses:

Learning is not the product of teaching; learning is the product of the activity of learners.
— John Holt

Syllabus & Materials Design

Syllabus design

Looking to revamp your school’s approach to teaching, but not sure where to start? Let us help. Learn YOUR English can sit down with you and perform a needs assessment to understand exactly what you require. Our syllabus design is completely customized; we don’t even start creating anything until we have met with you and understand exactly what you need. Every positive relationship starts with a good conversation over a cup of coffee.

Materials design

Seeking to tweak rather than perform a complete overhaul? We have a vast library of classroom-ready materials for teachers and institutes. We also make materials from scratch to best fit your needs. From lessons based on TED Talks, skill and system-based materials, and many others, all of our designs are informed based on current research in ELT.

For samples, be sure to check out our Materials Page for an idea.

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.
— William Arthur Ward

Corporate Language Training


Our Corporate Training program is designed to give you what you need to confidently work in an English-medium office environment. Our lessons will introduce you to the language you need to function in any business environment.

But how far you progress is up to you. We understand how business life can get. We also appreciate the fact that every office environment is different. Therefore, we make it our purpose to tailor courses based on each corporate client’s request. Our goal is to help individuals or groups of colleagues acquire the skills and proficiency required for them to thrive, in English, in their respective fields.

Interested in a free level test or needs assessment? Contact us!

in-company training

In a constantly evolving globalized world, intercultural communication is more important than ever. We understand this. If you feel your team requires further training in this capacity, we work with you to develop a plan.

In addition to the four fundamental skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), corporate clients can choose from a wide selection of content related to their professional field (e.g. English for Business, English for Health Care Professionals, English for International Relations). Regardless of your office context, we will help you learn techniques to improve your communication skills.

Leave Everything to Us:

For convenience, the Learn YOUR English team comes to you. Courses are delivered on site to increase convenience and limit disruption.


Monthly Networking Events

lye presents: teacher talking time

Learn YOUR English Network is happy to announce its professional development series, Teacher Talking Time. TTT is a monthly, informal networking event in Toronto, Canada, to build a community of teachers who enjoy gathering and discussing teaching.

These events were conceived with LYE’s initiative in mind: to change the way teachers, educators, and institutions perceive further education in our field.

Each session will examine a specific aspect of language instruction from skills & systems to approaches - both conventional and unconventional - to reflection and best practices. We look at some theory, some activities, and then discuss and design together, as a community. Come prepared to learn, reflect, and connect.

The Aims of the Series are:

  • To rethink teachers’ attitudes and perceptions about language learning which may have become ritualized;

  • To provide alternative approaches and solutions to language learning and teaching;

  • To engage teachers in reflective practice;

  • To provide teachers with practice designing their own practical activities and test out new ideas.

2019 Schedule

January 31 - Teacher Development: Always Learning

April 11 - Language Awareness & Knowledge

May 16 - Task-Based Language Teaching

June 20 - Translanguaging

august 29 - Soundscripting: A Tool for Better Speaking and Pronunciation

OCtober 3 - Discourse Approaches to Teaching EAP (1)

November 7 - Discourse Approaches to Teaching EAP (2)

December 12 - Friendly Corpora Tools

If you are a teaching professional in the Toronto area, we hope to see you at the next event! Please see our full calendar for all the details.

*All of our events count towards professional development hours for TESL Ontario members. Reach out to us for your certificate.