TED: The World's English Mania - Reading & Writing Lesson

TED: The World's English Mania - Reading & Writing Lesson


This lesson is designed as an extension to the main lesson on “The World’s English Mania.” One of our goals at LYE is to use one text - either via reading or listening - for multiple purposes over multiple lessons. This lesson asks students to perform a genre analysis of an academic paragraph. Using texts to identify language and structure is imperative to improving student writing. With a text, students are tasked with identifying the parts of a paragraph before practicing those parts and then replicating those patterns in their own discursive paragraph. This lesson uses the macro-micro-marco strategy. The overarching aim of this lesson is to use the talk for more purposes and highlight language that is both functional and meaningful.

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Genre analysis has proven incredibly useful in academic writing among L2 learners. When students can analyze a text for format, structure, and complexity, they are more able to create those same features in their own writing. The term “genre” was first introduced in the 1980s with respect to English for Academic Purposes (Paltridge, 2007). Swales’ (1980, 1991) work sparked genre analysis as pedagogical tool after studying the structure and linguistic features of different academic genres. Swales (1990) argues that the most important feature of genre analysis is communication. 

Learn YOUR English takes this theory and applies it to our materials. We empathize with the challenge of writing academic texts, and use genre analysis lessons to help students notice patterns and features relevant to that genre. In turn, they have the tools and strategies to use within those genres to write their own assessments.