Language is not a collection of rules and target forms to be acquired, but rather a by-product of communicative processes.
— Nick Ellis

Student Success Series

LYE presents: the student success series


Learn YOUR English is honoured to announce its success series for students in Toronto. The Student Success Series was conceived with LYE’s initiative in mind: to inspire and impart continued learning in all our students. 


The Student Success Series is held at various times throughout the year. Each series has a specific aim (eg: essay writing) and contains three classes over three weeks.

Each series consists of 10.5 hours of classroom and online learning. They are all formatted the same way and are broken down as follows:

  • Three in-class workshops of 90 minutes, for a total of 4.5 hours

  • One hour per week of recorded lessons with your instructor for at-home learning and reflection

  • One online office hour per week for questions, feedback, and support

All classes are held on Wednesday evenings in Toronto. Students should come to each session prepared to learn, participate, reflect, connect, and improve.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’d love to hear from you. Write us at:

2019 calendar

September - academic writing

September 4: Essay overview - Introductions, Outlines, and Thesis Statements

September 11: Body paragraphs, APA and Quote & Source Integration

September 18: Conclusions, Referencing, and Week 1 & 2 Consolidation

october - academic speaking skills

October 16: Presentation Skills using Soundscripting

October 23: Active Listening, Taking Questions, and Referring to Data

October 30: Citations, Referencing, and Week 1 & 2 Consolidation

january, 2020 - report writing & data analysis

January 15: Creating a Knowledge Gap and Introductions

January 22: Writing about Statistics and Data

January 29: Recommendations, Conclusions, and Week 1 & 2 Consolidation

If you are a college or university student in the Toronto area, we hope to see you at the next workshop series! Please see our full calendar for all the details.