Monthly Networking Events

lye presents: teacher talking time

Learn YOUR English Network is happy to announce its professional development series, Teacher Talking Time. TTT is a monthly, informal networking event in Toronto, Canada, to build a community of teachers who enjoy gathering and discussing teaching.

These events were conceived with LYE’s initiative in mind: to change the way teachers, educators, and institutions perceive further education in our field.

Each session will examine a specific aspect of language instruction from skills & systems to approaches - both conventional and unconventional - to reflection and best practices. We look at some theory, some activities, and then discuss and design together, as a community. Come prepared to learn, reflect, and connect.

The Aims of the Series are:

  • To rethink teachers’ attitudes and perceptions about language learning which may have become ritualized;

  • To provide alternative approaches and solutions to language learning and teaching;

  • To engage teachers in reflective practice;

  • To provide teachers with practice designing their own practical activities and test out new ideas.

2019 Schedule

January 31 - Teacher Development: Always Learning

April 11 - Language Awareness & Knowledge

May 16 - Task-Based Language Teaching

June 20 - Translanguaging

august 29 - Soundscripting: A Tool for Better Speaking and Pronunciation

OCtober 3 - Discourse Approaches to Teaching EAP (1)

November 7 - Discourse Approaches to Teaching EAP (2)

December 12 - Friendly Corpora Tools

If you are a teaching professional in the Toronto area, we hope to see you at the next event! Please see our full calendar for all the details.

*All of our events count towards professional development hours for TESL Ontario members. Reach out to us for your certificate.