What People Are Saying About Us 

I have had the good fortune to have been involved with the Learn Your English team since the inauguration a few months ago. The first meeting introduced an enthusiastic team that encourages critical thinking and challenges the status quo in topics that cover English as a Second Language learning from conversational to academic programs. Participating in that first meeting was exhilarating for me, and I have since been to several workshops at the Real Institute and TOSCON. These workshops were professionally delivered, interactive and useful, not to mention interesting! Each session motivated me to consider new ways of presenting in my own classes and also raised awareness to the methodology. With this in mind, I would definitely recommend Learn Your English to all teachers in the field of ESL whether new or experienced! Thanks Mike Leo and Andrew!


I really learned a lot from Andrew, I felt that he encourages us to speak always and to think out of the box. I personally appreciate the feedback he wrote to me helps me to focus to improve my weakness areas. I can speak now without fear to make a mistakes. Thank you Andrew.


Leo is by far the best English teacher I've had. In his classes, he chooses to discuss subjects from our everyday life. He makes us reflect about things that matter, so the language and grammar really sticks to our minds. I totally recommend his classes for anyone who wants not only to learn English, but to acquire skills to learn any other language by yourself.


Andrew is the most wonderful teacher I have ever had in my student life since I started learning English in Toronto. He gives his students clear and simple explanations all the time. More importantly, he connects all students in his class by giving group activities every week and encouraging his students to say their own opinion in front of all members of the class. He plans carefully for the whole program and gives strong instructions on every aspect of the program. I have not only understood the lesson but also learnt from his personality; he is always patient and objective to all of his students. He is also a good listener, all the students in the class like learning with him. I hope that I will have an opportunity to work with Andrew in the future.


I had the distinctive pleasure to meet Mr Gomez last year in Toronto and I can assure he is an outstanding English teacher. I could observe his amazing in-class performance that is joyful, professional and really insightful for the students. I wish nothing less than absolute success to this great teacher.


Learn YOUR English has the best teachers for me! They are always planning amazing lessons that will make your English better! I really like the classes! I strongly recommend them to anyone.


I felt very lucky to have had Mike as my English teacher. He was always well prepared for all occasions. His class was highly organized. More importantly, he made our classes a great fun with a lot of real-life scenarios. It may be the most important factor that supported me to complete my language study course.