Episode 13: Dr. Patsy Lightbown

In this episode, Leo chats with Dr. Patsy Lightbown, PhD. Dr. Lightbown has been in ELT for over  forty years, and her research has focused on the teaching and learning of second and foreign languages in classroom contexts. 

Professor Lightbown is co-author of How Languages Are Learned, one of - if not the - most renowned books in the industry. There are now 4 editions in the award-winning series.

Lightbown also wrote Focus on Content-based Language Teaching and numerous articles, many of which can be found in Learning a Second Language Classroom

She is currently a distinguished Professor Emerita at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and continues her work as a writer, editor, consultant, teacher, adviser, policy maker, conference presenter, and curriculum developer in our field. 

Her complete bio can be seen here

In this episode, Dr. Lightbown talks to Leo about How Languages are Learned, and how that shapes second language teaching twenty years after being published. They also discuss:

  • second language acquisition and if there is a "best way"

  • the strengths and weaknesses of Paul Nation's Four Strand of Language Acquisition;

  • the micro elements of teaching and learning;

  • the role of textbooks;

  • Dr. Lightbown's teaching experience and inspiring career.

We thank Dr. Lightbown for her generous time and endless expertise. We invite her back any time.

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Contact Dr. Lightbown:

Email: patsy.lightbown@verizon.net 

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