Episode 4: Tackling Native Speaker Bias in ELT - an Interview with Marek Kiczkowiak

In this episode, Andrew sits down with teacher, author, and advocate Marek Kiczkowiak. They talk about the long-standing bias against non-native speaker teachers in the English training industry. As Marek explains, it has been a significant problem for a long time, but it doesn't need to be. Through his organization - TEFL Equity Advocates - and his Academy where he runs his own courses for tackling the stigma - TEFL Equity Academy - Marek has made quite a positive impact. And he's only just getting started. 

On that note, he has also co-authored a book with Rob Lowe, called Teaching English as a Lingua Franca: A Journey From EFL to ELFIn the book, they look at ways to encourage our classrooms, in every sense, to be more inclusive of English as a global language instead of only through the lense of native speakers or from the perspective of nations that speak English natively.

Contact Marek:

Email: info@teflequityadvocates.com

TEFL Equity Advocates

TEFL Equity Academy

Teaching English as a Lingua Franca: A Journey From EFL to ELF is available on Amazon and at Klett-sprachan.de

 *Get a free 30-day trial with all new accounts with TEFL Equity Academy!

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