Episode 6: The Barcelona Chronicles, ɪɪ

LYE's Leo and Andrew jumped across the atlantic recently to attend the annual ELT conference at International House, Barcelona. Teacher Talking Time is happy to present a mini series chronicling their travels, the conference, and all teaching related (and some non-teaching related) takeaways from the journey. 

Part II is a special edition of Teacher Talking Time and is dedicated to those who love learning all over the world. In this episode, Andrew and Leo continue their travels and conduct three separate interviews, focusing on the differences and challenges in learning in different parts of the world. The first (8:23) tackles Germany and German; in the second (18:00), the boys participate in a high school project in Barcelona, and, finally, they sit down with good friends Claudia and Victor to dive into the Catalan-Spanish debate (33:05). 

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