Episode 10: Language Awareness - Help, Hinder, or Much Ado about Nothing?

In this episode, Mike, Leo, and Andrew discuss the theme of a recent Learn YOUR English workshop: Language Awareness. What is Language Awareness? Does it matter? Is it only important for teachers? For students? Does it actually improve proficiency? Do conventional textbooks advocate language awareness and choices or only "McNuggets"? Are there drawbacks to having a high level of language awareness? How can teachers increase their language awareness?

The boys tackle all of these questions and more. As always, they ask the listeners to ponder the question "why do we do what we do?" There are many approaches to teaching language, but to what extent can those approaches be implemented without language awareness?

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Show Notes:

What is Language Awareness and how does it apply to teachers: Beginning - 24:30

Language Awareness for students: 32:00

Discussion on Josh Waitzkin's book The Art of Learning: 33:30

Four benefits of Language Awareness for students: 36:30

Limitation of Language Awareness: 37:40

Classroom tasks to apply Language Awareness: 41:30

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