Episode 9: A Teacher’s Responsibility is his or her Response Ability

LYE's Leo and Andrew jumped across the atlantic recently to attend the annual ELT conference at International House, Barcelona. Teacher Talking Time is happy to present a mini series chronicling their travels, the conference, and all teaching related (and some non-teaching related) takeaways from the journey. 

This is part III, and is dedicated to a talk by Dr. Angi Malderez. Malderez is an Honorary Senior Fellow of the School of Education, the University of Leeds, and her bio and many works can be seen here. Her research area is mostly in the practices of supporting teacher learning.

At the IH Conference in Barcelona, she spoke about the need for teacher's to be able to respond in real time to what is happening in the classroom. She highlighted that this is something that needs to be developed, and is much more difficult than it seems. Maldarez identified common "blinkers" and touched on the difference between observing and noticing, and how teachers very rarely give "feedback" in the conventional sense.

In this episode, Mike, Andrew, and Leo sit down to discuss the topic and how we as teachers can learn to apply it in our classrooms. Dr. Malderez was also kind enough to sit down with us to give us a 1-1 interview (14:35). Many thanks to Angi for her generous time!

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